Greetings lovely people.  Thanks for dropping by.  I hope the new year brings more joy and fulfilment than the previous ones.  I feel it will mean unusual changes, mind you I've been saying that for the last years, but seriously, I feel this time it will really happen.  It could be  the year for deep soul-searching. By this I mean those who make extra special effort to contemplate what they really want and plan how to achieve the same, will be the ones to achieve success. The year of Vision was 2020 and in many ways that proved true for some.  Suddenly there’ll be an eureka moment when everything slots into place. Well that’s what’s happening my end anyway. But always practise gratitude and be humble no matter what life throws at you. Its YOUR turn to make a difference. Go for it despite the many adversities of the past years. We all have sadly lost loved ones in the past years but lets celebrate their wonderful memories. Everything changes, good bad or indifferent, nothing remains the same and until we accept that fact we will be constantly miserable and depressed. 

No more listening to nay-sayers who just want to divert your attention away from what really matters perhaps due to their own short-comings. No more paying attention to the negative chatter going on in your own head.  Realise that chatter is probably coming from unproductive subliminal messages learnt from those same nay-sayers or past 'failures'. See those so called failures as learning curbs then you'll actually realise there's no such thing as failing. Only surround yourself with people who genuinely mean you well and who have the same things in common otherwise there'll be endless friction and friction brings bad health.  Most of all get rid of all the judgemental people around you as the only purpose served having them will be to take you further away from your goal and serenity. All that said, don't be so paranoid that you miss out on the decent people who can enhance your existence and who wants to be alone anyway. And once again, remember:  someone may appear to have everything, but they too have issues.  Never wallow too long in self pity, simply be grateful for the simplest of things, like having a roof over your head, think about those who don't; or you may be blessed with good health; great at cooking and cleaning; in employment, regardless what it is. Nobody is better than anybody, some luckier yes than others but even luck is self created, good or bad.  Never allow anyone to talk down or look down on you as chances are they are also suffering in some way or other. People who treat others badly are more than likely projecting their own inadequacies. Be happy when the sun shines even if too hot cos when it rains 'its too wet' happy with the rain because that's what brings us vital water and makes our crops flourish, which in turn keeps us alive. Think about those who die from lack of irrigation.  Be happy for the snow and cold weather cos we can then look forward to the sun again.......and the list is endless. Its far too easy to become complacent and insatiable always thinking the grass is greener and many times that grass needs mowing, if you get my drift.  Food for thought this space for more inspirational comments