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JUSTIFY is a  brand new fusion reggae album out on American Megao label featuring different international up and coming young talents and renowned international musicians. Its all about uniting different cultures together on a loving musical journey. Watch out for dance remixes. Album can be downloaded on all platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music etc             

CHANGES - is written by Sheyla Bonnick, Ingvar Areliusson and Hans-Peter Andersen about times to come. It appears on Sheylas album Look Beyond. Hans-Peter and Ingvar were the co-writers with Sheyla of a low-budg musical called Money Talks shown in Denmark some years ago. Changes is also used to promote the UK GUARDIAN ANGELS see  It is available for download on this site and soon on

LOOK BEYOND - was written by the late and very great Maureen Hiron, Sheyla Bonnick and I. Areliusson. 

About MAUREEN HIRON:  Maureen was a world famous Games Inventor who was renowned for the million seller game called Continuo and was nominated Business Woman of the year in the 90's; She was also partly responsible for raising 25,000,000 pounds for cancer research at the Royal Marsden Hospital.  This was done along side the late great Princess Diana. Maureen met Sheyla years ago in a lift of all places. They remained very good friends gtil Maureen sadly passed last year.  Maureen took time from her busy schedule to be Sheyla's business manager after witnessing how much Sheyla had on her plate. Maureen was whats known as a Polymath - a person who can do many things on a high level. She represented England and Britain at Bridge; she was also a Bridge correspondent for the Independent as well as the Irish Independent. Sheyla herself is a multi-talent but perhaps not a Polymath although whatever she does turn her hands to is by no means less than her best efforts. The songs on Look Beyond are not the typical melodic format but are written in modes, giving them a Russian/Jewish feel. Sheyla's aim to be as original as possible makes this latest challenge incredibly fulfilling. 

ANGEL CURES - was another brainchild of Sheyla and her Production team.  Its about Gods Angels and their precious roles around us. Whether you believe in Angels or not their presence is undeniable when you hear endless rescue stories or when you're at the end of you tether with no hope or solutions then suddenly everything seems to be ok; or when you feel lost and lonely only to sense there's someone or something with you making you feel better.  Arch Angel Michael is Gods Right hand man together with Gabriel, Ezgadi is the Angel of Travel; Seleah, The Earth Angel. There's an Angel for nearly every symptom or issue on the album.  Obviously we couldn't cover all the Angels but hope that we've included the main ones.  Anyway just listening to the album will relax even the most irate person into a sound repose or simply put them in a balanced, well-being state. The lead vocals are beautifully sung by  FRANCESCA MOWATT who's a singer/songwriter responsible for 2 of the tracks - Michael and Uriel. Her soothing hypnotic tones are some of the best around.   

All of the above wouldnt be possible without the 'Sound/Producer/Arranger' brain behind it - INGVAR ARELIUSSON. Ingvar stems from Iceland where some of the best sound engineers worldwide are found, probably because of the whistling winds and odd sounds, that and the uncanny knack to put sounds together and to hear what others dont. Icelander's intense powers of concentration doesnt harm either. Its easy with the regular bouts of silence the country experiences. INGVAR has studied music production and sound production in Stockholm as well as music theory and classical bass guitar in Goldsmith School of Music, London. He owned ABBEY SOUND STUDIOS in St. Johns Wood round the corner from the famous Abbey Road Studios. At one point they worked together by sending their clients to Ingvars studio. Clients included Status Quo, Sister Sledge, Cure, Bucks Fizz, Brenda Arnau, Bjork, and many more.

WOMEN ARE LIKE CATS AND MEN LIKE DOGS OR ARE THEY? is penned by Sheyla after witnessing the amount of people unhappy in their relationships. The book includes little anecdotes from anonymous friends.  Some stories may well raise eyebrows but careful care has been taken not to offend, although she has been as honest as possible.  Its important to point out that everything in the contents is only Sheyla's personal take. She has, however done a lot of research on the psycho- social side.  The main aim of this book is to bring humour, which has certainly been achieved judging by the many good feedback she's received. Most female readers will recognize themselves in it that's if they're honest. The book has recently been given the Hollywood Script treatment For a possible TV series. 

MIXED EMOTIONS - a fictional effort but with factual occurances. This is co-written by established author KIT Proctor and soon to be published.

LIVE BETTER  ........a single recorded few years ago by a Latvian Star called Rassel who wrote, produced and created this dance track which has proved very popular among the young music lovers.

 BONNIE FASHIONS  a recent project invented by Sheyla. Always had a passion for fashion since 15 and watched her mother professionally making clothes from home, Sheyla has now grabbed the chance to make her dream a reality by gathering a small team together to show her line on stage during her performances