I would like to dedicate this page to the select few people who have been an integral part of my life and career building.

We can all relate stories of dismay, disappointment and dishonour and boy do I have enough of those to write a second and third book about. Notwithstanding, I am forever grateful to my protector for what I do have.  Its far too easy to dwell on things we don't have, that in itself is a huge progress blocker. If we were to daily realize what we do have and therefor give thanks, we should undoubtedly see rewards. 

All the above sounds easier to put into practise than actually is but having the right people around you to instil confidence and well-being plus encourage your pathway is FUNDAMENTAL to personal growth and achievement. People who constantly drag others down or whose actions demean, are usually suffering from low self-esteem or are desperately unfulfilled.  If you can count 3 people on one hand who have your interest unconditionally at heart you are a very very lucky person.  I'm not saying there's no more than 3 who are precious company or good acquaintances but those who TRULY care are few and far between. 

And the Oscars go to: Tundy, a truly decent human being; the late Maureen Hiron, a consistent support;  Vadim from Khasakstan; Mike who's always there in a crisis; Soldier from Poland; my dear caring polish buddy Pawel; Guy Bailey, Solicitor and Guy Tritton, Barrister; David Cox from Jackson McDonald Law Firm; Craig McKintosh, Solicitor - all from Australia; my late father-in-law The Rev. Arelius Nielsson for his absolute unconditional care concern and contribution; Fran Farian; there's a few more but i've run out of space. You know who you are and you know who you arent........does that make sense?!! All these people have made a considerable difference to my life and future. They've helped, acknowledged and supported me UNCONDITIONALLY, without wanting anything in return NB. This little selection may change every now and again accordingly.