1. Changes

We wrote this song some 2 years ago and recorded in Shevar Studios London where I had a vision of immense changes to come.  Well now its clear to see that vision came true with all the disasters around us including storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions so on and so forth plus the heightened crimes, insatiable greed, increased poverty, starvation and frustration. Added to that there's more and more immoral behavior in Parliaments, major radio and TV stations; Celebs behaving increasingly badly; families turning against each other and friends' betrayal. All for the quest of having abundance that's not necessarily deserved or justified. If people were to be more giving rather than taking, considerate rather than me me first, there would not be these disastrous occurrences.
I am an avid reader mainly of educational self-development books.  You can find my book here titled Women are like Cats and Men like Dogs or are they under the pen name of Kat Brown, published by Authorhouse. Its about relationship happiness and the search therefor. I have not had any formal qualifications in psychology but have done home studies on that subject aswell as Social Science and Creative Writing.  I am also a keen people watcher and I try not to judge people for the obvious outer presentation.  I feel its whats in someones heart and soul that truly matters.  Many people display a 'perfect' exterior but lurking inside is another story. 
I feel theres far too much importance attached to peoples exterior and what the media portrays as 'perfect' instead of taking care of the interior.  Good intentions and gestures are more beautiful than a perfect size 8 figure and vogue magasine features. Thats my opinion anyway


Bird in a gilded cage, look he just wants to fly, A man in a bitter rage, dont wanna comply, people dying children crying, take them out of the dark go to the tunnel into the light stand up and make your mark, Take that bird in the gilded cage, help him on his flight, changes are coming tonight.
You know where you wanna be and you choose complacency, just make it happen leave a legacy, you can make it happen peace and unity thats the key.......help them to be free, changes are coming tonight
look at the man whos down on his luck dont know what to do, consider the woman who hasnt got much least of all a plan people stealing dreamers dreaming they dont have a clue try to enlighten the desperate souls help the misguided fools look at the boy whos down on his luck havent got a clue changes are coming tonight........changes are coming tonight