SOUNDS OF BONEY M - Singer/songwriter, solo performers, fashions designer/stylists, management

An International Show band celebrating the mega famous 70's icon BONEY M.  Featuring former member SHEYLA BONNICK.

Show consists of sleek costume changes, many of which are designed and made by Sheyla Bonnick ... BONNIE FASHIONS will soon be available for public purchase. So keep on watching this space.

All audiences are guaranteed an exciting and truly entertaining experience.  Sound of Boney M can be seen world-wide performing Boney M's most popular hits like DADDY COOL, BABYLOON, RASPUTIN, MA BAKER, BROWN GIRL, HOLIDAY and many many more. Sheyla uses her uncanny knack fro languages by conducting a lot of the shows in the native language.

Show duration varies but does not exceed 100 mins, with either half backing tracks or live band but musicians can be provided by local musicians.



Sounds of Boney M fet. Sheyla Bonnick


Sounds of Boney M fet. Sheyla Bonnick