Last update 3 Sept 2019                                                SOUNDS OF BONEY M feat. SHEYLA BONNICK

SOUNDS OF BONEY M SHOW is a celebration of the70's legendary group Boney M.  It features the multi-talented Miss SHEYLA BONNICK aka SHEILA BONNICK who was a former member of the pre-original line-up.

This dynamic show consists of many costume changes, many of which are designed and even made by Sheyla's fair hands. Duration of the show varies according to the event but not exceeding one hour and 20 mins. It is performed as a foursome giving the impression of the original concept. The music is provided by backing tracks with some harmony vocals and also live band set up where possible. A local band can be used in each country if well rehearsed independently.

Songs consist of most the big hits but the original band had too many hits to perform all in one night. However favourites like DADDY COOL, RIVERS OF BABYLON, BROWN GIRL IN THE RING, RASPUTIN, MA BAKER, HOORAY ITS A HOLIDAY, SUNNY, BELFAST can be heard. Sheyla makes great use of her language talents by partly communicating in any native language (as long as not too difficult) throughout the shows.

We guarantee a spectacular event for all age groups and musical tastes.

Sounds of Boney M fet. Sheyla Bonnick


Sounds of Boney M fet. Sheyla Bonnick